New Torrent Alerter

It’s time consuming to go to and search for a tv series new episode, or some new movie. It becomes even harder if you follow a lot of series and dying to wait for a new movie torrent to come up. For eg. I don’t know when “Hunger games 720p” comes up on torrents, i can’t keep checking for the torrent everyday or i may forget to watch the movie unless i see the name somewhere probably on IMDB.

So, this calls for a torrent alerter for a string, I want to get an alert on my email, when a new torrent comes up for a tv series I am interested or a movie, or a song, or anything. So the idea is that the tool should take in a list of strings for the torrents i am interested and should alert me when something relevant comes up.

I searched for something like this over the internet but couldn’t find a service/tool, which does what i need. I guess in theory it’s hard to provide such service, for free at least. Imagine millions of users subscribing to millions of unique torrents, it takes a lot of infrastructure to handle this.

So I decided to write my own alerter. It was easy to achieve this.. the steps involved a briefed as follows.

1. Understand how search works on and see if it has an API to get the results. We can use to get a normal html response or to get a rss feed. query being the torrent you are interested in , could be the name of a movie or documentary or tv series.

2. Now, i only need latest torrents which were added may be 12 hours old or may be less than that.So getting the results by time sorted is the way to go, so i found that, does what i need, instead of search we use searchA.

3. BeatuifulSoup comes to the rescue to parse the html response given by the above query, Now it’s up to me to extract the torrents that were added with in the time limit. I had to find the time the torrent was uploaded and compare it to the current time and check if it’s relatively fresh for me.

5. BeatifulSoup helps you to extract name, link, time of the torrents listed.

6. After finding the torrents i need, I use SES to send a mail to my email address with the torrents i need.

7. I put the whole process in the scheduler to check for updates regularly.

So, I don’t have to search for torrents anymore, they drop in my mail every day. Bye bye searching, the current world is all about notifications … 😀

Happy Coding..